Introducing Summer Coding Camp for Kids & Teens

Mazino Ukah

20 Jun 2020

Treten Academy is excited to announce the Summer Coding Camp for Kids & Teens.

Today, computer programming skills are not covered in the Nigerian schooling curriculum but you can give your child a one of a kind learning experience this summer to fill this skill gap.

The camp will be held in 3 groups: 

Programming 100 is an introduction to computer programming. Students will learn through interactive tutorials, quizzes, coding puzzles, and build their own projects. This lesson plan is for ages 7-14

Programming 101 is an advanced course that will teach students programming techniques using a more practical approach. Upon completion, students will know how to build simple programs with events, loops, and conditional logic. This lesson plan is for ages 14 and above.

Python 101 is for students who have completed the Programming 101 course, and those with prior understanding of programming. Upon completion, students will have strong mastery of Python syntax, learn to debug their own code, program games and other projects. 

Being a part of this camp will prepare young minds to be problem-solvers by introducing them to the principles of computer programming. Tech founders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg started coding at 11, and at Treten we believe the tech talent of a Nigerian child should be harnessed to drive innovation and ensure employability in the global labour market. 

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